REVIT Parametric Garage Magic – The Series – CADclip

Well, its time to learn Parametric Conceptual Massing. BUT we take it two BIG steps further and incorporate the Building Maker Tools and Material Takeoffs.

This series will open your eyes to the potential of the latest in Building Information Modeling (BIM). First we teach you undocumented tips on creating a parametrically controlled conceptual mass using the CADclips 4b approach.

Then we load that mass into a project and skin it with the Building Maker Tools to create a roof, stud walls, foundation walls, floor slab, footing, doors and windows. But these are not ordinary building objects. . . Oh no, these objects are talking to the conceptual mass.

Then we create Material Takeoffs to sum up the plywood, roof shakes, and concrete volumes. Then with a few clicks we alter the original conceptual mass via parameters and just like magic we see the model, dimensions and material takeoffs all update . . . very exciting in deed !