Point Cloud beginer tips

A project I am working on at the moment is a complex Hotel that is requiring a complete refurb on an extremely tight deadline.

This project is located overseas from my office here and I have been collating and managing the team to capture the existing conditions, we are modeling the entire structure in Revit.

To speed the process we have been getting the whole building point cloud scanned, and so whilst I have dabbled in LiDAR and point clouds on a few projects this is my first project in which we are dealing with them on a day to day basis, and a large volume of data aswell.

So to begin with I have been using ReCAP, which is pretty simple to use view, cut/crop and then export the clouds for various uses.

However before that I needed the data in a usable format, due to the surveyor initially providing us raw data which was useless, I managed to find a text file that told me the make of scanner Leica and used that to determine what data the default technology can export, and asked for…
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