Introducing the Revit Pre-Cast Panel Planner 5000

Hey Guys

I hope you are excited to read this post as I think this post is showcases a lot of cool tech working together. The exercise has taken around 2 weeks with my deadline on Monday of which I have gains skills in excel functions and a recursion in Dynamo.

We have a rather large project (4×42 storey towers, single podium) under construction at the moment that I’m helping out with site co-ordination and 4D planning.

Now to date the the transfer has finished and the first tower is about to go up. The team has decided we will be constructing the tower floors out of precast panels. We will be casting these panels onsite and the first of the construction molds have arrived on site. This is a very large and critical part of the project of which over 9000 panels will be poured and installed. There are 20 molds with various accessories in which over 90 sizes need to be created with cast in sleeves for pipes and all the rest.

Now storing all these on site needs to be managed very carefully…
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