Hey Guys

Long Hiatus between blogs sorry, between really churning some cool jobs (I’ll have some examples in upcoming blog posts.

Also happy to announce that I am presenting at both RTC AUS & RTC NA and have the honor of joining the RTC Committee for the first RTC in Asia. So we’ve been looking at the ton of talks we got (thanks to everyone we submitted) I thought we’d have about 6 to work with 😉 But we ended up with over 100 which makes for some tough choices for a 2 day event.

Also South East Asia is a very different dynamic then Aus, Europe or USA construction economies and more in line with the Middle East, with expat groups doing alot of the technical & construction work requiring the use of BIM authoring software creates a great melting pot and mixing of cultures, as well as different adaption rates compared to the west. So should be some interesting topics for RTC to get such a large mix of people together for one event in Singapore. If you have no idea what I am talking about…
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