Microsoft Virtual Academy: C# for Absolute Beginners by Bob Tabor

Over the past few months I’ve slowly been learning C#. I found this gem yesterday, and have been making progress through it. I highly suggest it as a starting point for anyone that is interested in learning how to code, especially applications for Revit. Bob Tabor does an excellent job at illustrating how to utilize Microsoft Visual Studio into your workflow, and how to read and write C# code. Give it a shot and start learning to code. It’s absolutely free and the course is roughly nine hours long. Also in the course description there is a link to a supplemental course that has twenty one, three hour long, courses you can follow for additional knowledge. This will help your understanding of the Revit SDK, and you’ll be on your way to writing the applications needed to benefit your office workflows… I will share what I come across as I learn to code, and hope that this eases anyone’s anxiety for learning it!

The following is the course description as clearly stated on Microsoft’s Virtual Academy

Want to learn a different language? Over the course of 25 episodes, our friend Bob Tabor, from, teaches you the fundamentals of visual C# programming. Tune in to learn C# concepts applicable to video games, mobile environments, and client applications. We walk you through getting the tools, writing code, debugging features,…

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