Just for a change, nothing deep or historical, just some simple Revit tips. 

Have you ever had that thing where you want to right-click on the end point of a wall so you can do a “disallow join”, but there’s too much other stuff in the way and the wall just deselects.  This used to happen to me fairly regularly, but there’s a very simple workaround.  Simply select the whole wall and uses the sunglasses to temporarily “isolate element”.  Now that there’s nothing else to interfere, disallow join will work just fine.  Reset the sunglasses, and you’re done.

While we have the sunglasses handy, try this one.  Select a bunch of stuff in a 3d view.  Isolate elements.  Deselect.  In the properties of the view, activate the Section Box.  Reset the sunglasses.  This is so easy to do, it makes me wonder why people went to so much trouble to write a special command.  The great thing is that it also works in camera views, which is handy because it can be quite frustrating trying to drag a section…

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