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A couple of months ago I talked about Comparing models in general, and talked a little bit about using Navisworks to compare models. In this blog entry I’m going to get into a little more detail on how to do this.

The first thing you need to do is to Export the models from Revit. There are a few different file types that you can export. Navisworks can read Revit file format, but I wouldn’t use that format in all cases, really in very few cases actually. When trying to compare different version of the same building I would actually export my Revit file to a DWF file. The reason why I would export to a DWF file is because DWF’s are small files and multiple versions can easily be stored, also these files can easily be imported into Navisworks.

Next we Import the file(s) into Navisworks. because the files are usually made from the same file their origins are the same so the will come in at the same point, on top of one another. You import the model by clicking the append button.

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