Copy Revit Model View Contents

Following on from my previous post on copying sheets between Revit projects, I figured out another tip that might be useful when copying views in Revit – this was prompted by a question about how to copy a 3D view and its contents.  This is a tricky workaround, but could be useful in some situations.

Copy View Contents

If you want to copy a 3D view or any model view for that matter, I have previously described how to do it here.  But supposing you want to copy the contents of that view too?

What you need to do is to save out the view as a Revit project, then insert it into the project that you want to copy it to.

You might try to use the official Revit command for saving a view – its in the Revit menu

But it is very clunky to use for two reasons (hint: if you are in a hurry, skip to ‘Shortcut’ below):

  1. It is really, really slow to open the cascading menus
  2. You have to be very dextrous and patient to get at the command – first click on ‘Save As’, then wait about half an hour, oh, I mean second;  then click on (or hover over) library; wait again; then move the mouse in the opposite direction to the little arrow pointing to the right, and choose ‘View’
  • At the top of the Save As menu it claims that this can be used to save out ANY view.
  • Well, it simply is not true:  it does not seem to like saving 3D views.  And the list of model views can be very limited – it only a few model views are listed…

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