Creating krpano scenes from A360 stereo panorama renderings Part 2

In the last post we introduced the idea of a tool that can pull down stereo panoramas rendered in A360 and use them to create a local, aggregate scene for viewing in the Google Cardboard-compatible krpano viewer.

Today we’re going to start looking at the specifics of such a tool, firstly by describing the structure of an A360 stereo panorama and how we can convert it to a format supported by krpano.

You’re likely to have URLs in one of two formats for your A360-rendered stereo panoramas:

It’s fairly easy to work out the files that make up the actual panoramas, based on these URLs. Using Chrome’s Developer Tools you can pretend to be a mobile device and then load each of the pages…

The spoofed pageThen it’s a simple matter of checking the Network tab to see the images etc. that the page loads…

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