Creating krpano scenes from A360 stereo panorama renderings Part 3

So far we’ve introduced this series and taken a look at the format of panoramic images both in A360 cloud rendering and in krpano. The next step – before publishing the code, which I’ll do at the beginning of next week – is to take a look at the XML format needed by the krpano viewer.

For simplicity, we’re going to have a single, top-level krpano scene that links to scenes created for the various stereo panos that we’ve downloaded and processed from A360 cloud rendering. This top-level scene is copied from a sample scene provided by krpano, but we’re going to customize its thumbnails and links to point to our newly created sub-scenes.

To get an idea of the scene format at its simplest, here’s a sample XML file that the tool has generated for the “Meeting room” scene:


  <scene name=Meeting room>

    <preview url=Meeting room-L.tiles/preview.jpg />

    <image stereo=truestereolabels=L|R>

      <cube url=Meeting room-%t.tiles/pano_%s.jpg />

      <cube url=Meeting room-%t.tiles/mobile_%s.jpgdevices=iOS />




The understand what this means, let’s take a look at the files created by the tool…

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