Creating krpano scenes from A360 stereo panorama renderings Part 4

Right then, time for the big reveal. We’ve had three parts in this series discussing one basic approach for aggregating stereo panoramas from A360 cloud rendering into a site that uses krpano.

Today we’re going to see the code itself, and discuss where the project might go from here. If you’re more interested in this discussion, scroll down past the code. 🙂

Firstly, though, here’s a quick demo of the site, recorded using my Nexus 5X mobile phone.

Something I like about the krpano viewer is that you can view in VR as well as non-VR mode, and tweak settings that make sure your phone works well in VR mode with your particular Cardboard device (this was a one-time setup – the viewer remembered it subsequently).

Here’s the project on GitHub. I’ve posted krpano runtime files that I’ve bound specifically to my own web-site: to run the output on your own site, you’ll need to license krpano and generate your own .js file(s)…

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