The new version of FormIt now has a windows desktop version when you get the Pro version. I have been wanting a desktop version to help with performance when it comes to working with really large models. That wish has been granted, the increased performance has been great but one of my close second favorites has been the new Shell tool.

Up to this point I have been using the Offset tool to help move from a mass model to more of a detail model, hence hollowing out the model so I have something that looks like walls. This article shows that workflow and process of doing it: LINK.

This process has had its limitations when dealing with sloping/taper surfaces So I have been wanting a “shell” tool for awhile now. If you are new to this terminology it is the ability to offset all current surfaces a certain offset distance. It is fast, with great results, which really speeds up my current workflow.

Here is a quick video showing how awesome this tool is for this type of workflow…