PDQ Deploy and Inventory for Autodesk and other applications

I have been using PDQ Deploy and Inventory for about 2 years now. It has been one of the highest ROIs on a product I have ever used. The ease, speed, and reliability of being able to push a product, product updates, and custom product settings out to 350+ PCs from a $1000 pair of tools has been a game changer for my company.

What is PDQ?

PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory (by Admin Arsenal) are a pair of applications that allow BIM Mangers, IT Admins, etc to deploy software and files silently across many PCs as well as keep an inventory of all the PCs software, hardware, and more. The programs do not require any pre-installation of software on the PCs and can install just about anything most companies need across a single office or multiple offices.

My Setup

My company currently uses PDQ to inventory well over 400 PCs and pushes deployments across 7 offices in 2 countries. We use PDQ inventory to track which PCs have which versions and service packs of all software applications, then use PDQ Deployment to automatically push updates to them. We also use PDQ to push out new versions of applications as they become available. ..

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