Revit Copy Monitor Item Change Notification

Architects and Engineers that collaborate on projects using Revit will typically link their models together to see the other discipline’s design within their model.  Part of that process often includes one discipline using the Copy/Monitor function within Revit to copy specific model items from the other discipline’s model into their own model.  Revit has a new twist on the coordination review feature when you monitor items between different project files.

(Please note that this article only addresses the new twist and does not explain the process of linking files or using the copy/monitor function.)

Let’s look at a common scenario to see how this now works.

  • ARCHITECT:  The Architect develops their model and will often place the light fixtures in the model before the electrical Engineer.
  • ARCHITECT:  The Architect sends the electrical Engineer the architectural Revit project model.
  • ENGINEER:  The electrical Engineer will link the Architect’s Revit project model into the electrical project model.
  • ENGINEER:  Sends the electrical project model to the Architect.
  • ARCHITECT:  Links the electrical project model into the architectural project model.
  • ENGINEER:  The electrical Engineer uses the Copy/Monitor function to get the Architect’s light fixtures into their electrical model so that they can specify the actual family & type of light fixture that they desire and so that they can circuit the fixtures.
  • At this point, both the Architect and the Engineer have light fixtures in their respective models in the same locations.
  • ENGINEER:  Determines that some lights need to be relocated to properly light the area, so they move the lights in their electrical model that were copied from the Architect’s model.
  • ENGINEER:  Sends the updated electrical model to the Architect…

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