What does Dynamo and good pizza have in common?

Just about everybody loves pizza and just about all Revit users love the idea surrounding Dynamo. The problem is, not everyone knows how to make a good pizza. A question came up recently over at archi-lab (https://twitter.com/arch_laboratory/status/708416967598854144).
The user expressed a lot of frustration with the difficulty involved with learning Dynamo and getting support. There were also some remarks thrown out that “well it’s cause Revit and Dynamo sucks and Rhino+Grasshopper can do it better.”
The thing is, anyone can make a good pizza if they are patient enough. It’s the same thing with Dynamo and Revit, if you are patient enough you can make Revit+Dynamo do anything that any other software can do.
Given the growing community and open source nature of Dynamo, I think this is the year we all look to teach others how to “make a good pizza”..

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