Dynamo and Optimo: Optimizing your Carl Bass Keynote Experience

For a long time now, I’ve have felt an urge to explore the capabilities of the Optimo package in Dynamo. However it has seemed like such a montainous task that I’ve constantly postponed my interest. Easter break however, provided a window for dwelving into these things.

I’ve experienced that the best way to learn anything in the world of Dynamo is to have a problem that you can experiment on. As I’ll have to be somewhat careful with examples from my daily job, I figured why not make it an abstract one.

So to get you in the mood, picture yourself at AU 2016. Tech nerds are swarming and Carl Bass (CB) is about to hold his opening keynote. This year however, there are no seats provided in the room and the room acoustics are horrendous. To accomodate this awful planning mistake, Autodesk has put up a number of bars serving the finest beers available.
(An appreciation party and opening keynote all at once make for one heck of a opening, right?)
Lazy as you are you want to be as close to the bar as possible while also be as close as possible to CB. Additionally you want to hear CB as good as you can as he speaks about coming trends and whatnot.

Or somewhat redefined: Given CB’s position, the position of the bars and an acoustic map of the venue, which X,Y gives me the shortest distance to both beer and Mr. Bass, while also having the best acoustics?

Where to stand? (PS. stick figure not drawn with dynamo.)
My acoustic map. More black=Better Acoustics

Although the example is “dumb” it provides an interesting enough example case for taking Optimo for a run. Consider the post a Layperson’s guide to the galaxy of optimization…

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