OK so I’ve been updating my Fritz Hansen furniture collection.  First of all they are great designs, secondly there are really good downloads available from their website, both 3d and 2d, and finally the stuff I did a couple of years ago has been a very popular download.

Last time I showed the Oxford chair by Arne Jacobsen.  Their are multiple versions of this: two styles of base, 3 heights of back, with and without arms = 12 permutations.  So I separated out the components, made them into nested families and used visibility switches to create the types.  Actually I made 6 types and used an instance parameter for arms/no arms.  One strange thing.  There were some leftover edges despite the processing in 3d max.

I decided to push the CAD import bak into Max for further edge hiding.  Actually this is the only thing I’ve ever learnt to do with Max, so don’t be intimidated. If I can learn do it, so can you.  With a bit of trial and error I was able to select the remaining edges and render them invisible also.  Practice makes perfect…

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