How to make your rebar ‘look good’ in 3D

Controlling rebar visibility in Revit

Modelling rebar in Revit is a fairly straight forward process. Select your rebar shape, cover, click on a host and your done (There’s a bit more to it than that, but that’s for a different blog post!). But often once you are done, your rebar model looks like a convoluted mess. Bars blend in with each other, and it’s extremely hard to follow and visualize.
So how do we get our rebar to ‘look good’ in a 3d view? – how can we make it easier to follow and look visually appealing as a presentation, and help the contractor put it all together?

First off, to control the graphic display of your rebar – select a bar, and on the Properties window under the “Graphics” tab, find “View Visibility States” and click edit:

3d rebar_visibility states

This opens up the “Rebar Element View Visibility states” Dialog box, where you can control the way your selected rebar is displayed for all views. For 3d views, selecting ‘View as solid’ shows the bar as a solid (go figure) – if…

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