Installing Revit 2017

I have just downloaded and installed Revit 2017 – so I thought other people might like to know some of what is different to previous years, as there appear to be quite a few changes.

  • Firstly, I installed just Revit 2017 (not Building Design Suite).  In previous years it was called Revit Architecture, but now they have come full circle and it is just called Revit again.  This means I have full(?) access to Structure and MEP commands, which may or may not be useful.  It used to be the case that Revit Structure was much better at joining beams than Revit Architecture – so now I can take advantage of that.  I guess this is a good thing, except for the possibility of bloatware (see later).
  • In previous years I ordered a physical copy of the media because I found it much more convenient to install from – particularly when you need to reinstall after a hardware failure or upgrading your computer.  This year Autodesk have had the temerity to start charging for this service, despite…

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