Masking Regions in Revit Projects

There are times working within Revit that Masking Regions are needed in order to hide/cover model information within a project file.  There can be various reasons for this, so I won’t discuss the “why” you would do it.  You will recognize the need when you confront it.  However, when working with Masking Regions, it is always good to know the guidelines and rules for how they work.

Following is an illustration of a Masking Region covering part of a simple model.

This article addresses using masking regions within Revit project files.  Masking Regions inside Revit families will have different characteristics.

Some guidelines for using Masking Regions in Revit:

  • Masking Regions placed in a model are not carried through to other models in which it is linked.
    • For instance, if an Architect places a Masking Region in the Architectural model, it will not affect the Engineer’s model.
  • If you use anything other than Invisible Lines for the boundary of the masking region, the…

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