Revit 2017 Release News + Insight 360

Better Building Energy & Environmental Performance with Insight 360

Revit 2017 is here and we are very excited to share more information on what that means to you, our rapidly growing community of Insighters working to make the built environment better!

In case you haven’t already heard (and therefore must be new to our blog, so… welcome!!!) Insight 360 was launched just last November. The response so far has been consistently fantastic as we continue to push the boundaries based on your feedback and share the knowledge of this exciting new paradigm for building performance analysis.

The Revit 2017 release includes some relatively simple, but extremely valuable improvements that help make Insight 360’s unique “outcome driven input” and “energy range” paradigms even easier to appreciate so you can apply it on every project with ease and confidence from concept to detail, design to operation, continuously driving towards better building performance.

Insight 360 AND

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