Revit Hatching Pattern Line-Weights

Following on from my post about hatching patterns on stairs, I thought I would describe a strange Revit phenomenon that I noticed a few years back. . . .There are two main types of hatching patterns in Revit:

  • Hatching patterns applied to the surface of a material, or as a cut pattern
  • Filled Regions – 2D annotation patches

I intend to discuss the former – in particular material surface patterns.

As any good Revit implementer should know, all Revit material hatching patterns are displayed and printed using the Revit line-weight number 1.  This number is then converted to a line thickness according to the scale of the view, on a matrix chart accessed from the ‘Additional settings’ icon on the manage tab of the ribbon.

This matrix is stored per project, and is something that should be set up in the company project template, and then seldom changed…

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