Revit Keyboard shortcuts – Supercharge your productivity, efficiency and work flow.

To be a good draftsperson, you need to be efficient. You need to be able to produce models & documentation accurately – and as fast as possible! One way to achieve this in Revit is to use Keyboard shortcuts. Let’s learn how:

First we need to find the User Interface options. There’s two ways to do this:

First we can Click on the big “R” and click ‘Options’ . Under the User Interface tab, you can see the keyboard shortcuts option and click ‘customize’.


The second option is via the View tab, in the Project environment. Click on the User Interface button and select Keyboard shortcuts from the dropdown list.

KeyboardShotcuts_View tab

From here you can assign any Keyboard shortcut to any command you want. This makes things waaayy faster and easier for you instead of selecting the command manually. The best way to decide which shortchuts to assign (or learn) is to take notice of  your most common/repetitive commands. If you find yourself wasting time clicking through tabs to find a command, just assign a…

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