Transfer Legends

Legends have been on system in Revit that I have never found very useful, at least for me. Again for me there are several limitations to Revit’s legend feature.

  • You can’t copy elements from other Revit views into Legend views
  • You can’t tag legend component
  • You can’t place a plan version of some types of components
  • You can’t number the view of the view title.
  • You can’t transfer all legends between projects using the insert from file command.

One very useful thing about legends is that they allow you to place the same view on multiple sheets. This is good for having the same information on multiple sheets, like a legend of Reflected Ceiling symbols, or a keyplan. (though I do tend to use a detail component for the Keyplan these days)

When I started this blog I was writing to let everyone know that you could now transfer legend between projects…

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