What is New for Navisworks 2017

The answer is not a lot. Here’s a list of the new features they’ve taken time to document. The list is so underwhelming I’ve just taken it off their site verbatim to underscore it’s half-hearted attempt. Note the UI description – “we made some changes”. I saw a tweet about reading through the list in two seconds and I thought they were kidding; they weren’t.

European Region Support
Navisworks 2017 provides access to BIM 360 Glue projects hosted both in the United States and Europe. Just select your regional server after sign-in.

BIM 360 Shared Views
Navisworks 2017 continues to support synchronized Shared Views with BIM 360 Glue, providing real-time access across BIM 360 Glue connected clients . Shared Views assist review and analysis activity in your BIM360 Glue project team, for closer collaboration.

Shared Views created in any BIM 360 Glue connected client retain view fidelity,…

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