Application of the Month – Adobe – My Portfolio – May 2016

This weekend I spent a small amount of time configuring a domain for my portfolio, and setting up a place to showcase my work as it is developed professionally and throughout my future studies at Montana State University. I figured I would share the application to anyone else that was interested in a quick and easy way to showcase their work. This also was a way for me to stay productive this summer leading up to my graduate studies at Montana State University.

The process:
I created a simple .com domain through Hover. Hover charges me $13.00 bucks annually to maintain my domain, and it was incredibly easy to configure.
I then proceeded to use Adobe – My Portfolio. 
My portfolio is tied to my Adobe Creative Cloud account. The beauty of this is that any item that I add from Photoshop, In-Design, Muse, etc. (Any Adobe Product or image downloaded from online) will be synced across all platforms and accessible for use later. This is incredibly efficient for my efficiency as a designer! 
The Result (~ one hour of time.):
Nickel Architecture:

This quick process allowed for me to create an active/evolving portfolio that I can go to in the future to quickly add projects that I’ve worked on to showcase my work professionally and as it’s completed efficiently.
Google Analytics Integration is a breeze as well. Simply register for a tracking id here:

You can also setup data analytic…

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