Apply for my dream job and work at Pier 9 in San Francisco

Last Thursday I received possibly the most interesting job description I’ve ever seen. A colleague in the Office of the CTO, Maurice Conti, has a team of robotics researchers working in the Applied Research Lab on Pier 9 in San Francisco and is looking to bring Machine Learning expertise into the team. I’ve talked about the Lab before, and you may also have seen this Guardian coverage of my friend David Thomasson, who works there.

Robots at the Applied Research Lab on Pier 9

I think this might actually be my dream job. There are a few reasons I won’t be applying: there’s a skills gap (I only have cursory knowledge of Machine Learning, just for instance) and there’s a location issue (my family and I are very happy in Switzerland), but otherwise I’d be bashing down Maurice’s door for this opportunity. There’s also the fact I’m really enjoying my current role, of course, which I’m happy to say is getting more interesting by the day.

My interest in the Pier 9 job probably also relates to the fact I’ve…

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