Autodesks Project Escher

I first heard about Project Escher a few months ago and found the idea really interesting: coordinating multiple print heads to introduce parallelism into additive manufacturing. Then, last week, there was a really interesting Q&A about the project in an Autodesk-internal newsletter. I’m reprinting it here, below, as I know it will be of interest to this blog’s readers.

When it came to looking for an image for this post, I decided to look for something by M. C. Escher that was in some way descriptive or representative. An obvious choice was his “Drawing Hands” lithograph, although it’s probably better suited to the RepRap project, in some ways. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the idea of “bots building bots” played some role in the choice of name for this fascinating project.

Here’s a video describing how Project Escher works:



Now for the Q&A. Many thanks to Kimberley and Cory for making this happen!

A Time Machine for 3D Printing: How Autodesk…

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