Automatic Terrain Generation with InfraWorks 360

Points Clouds are becoming more and more vital for many real world projects, especially in the AEC market. Almost all infrastructure projects use reality capture point cloud data directly or indirectly to gather existing and as-built conditions. Given the ubiquitous use of point clouds, having an easy and accurate processing tool is of the utmost importance. The InfraWorks 360 Automatic Terrain Generation tool is a first step towards providing an intuitive point cloud processing tool and bringing “reality” to the reality capture industry.

(Posted on behalf of Ramesh Sridharan, Autodesk Principal Research Engineer)

Generally, point cloud data sets are extremely large, and extracting terrain is difficult. Users have to go through the painful task of either removing noise (or non-ground) points manually, or extracting/digitizing breaklines to create a terrain (which is not as information rich as point cloud data). In either case, it is not easy to generate terrain with point…

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