I spent last week in Singapore, visiting my son Tom.  While I was there I hooked up with the BIM Troublemaker aka Phil Lazarus, who kindly arranged for me to give a talk to a group of enthusiastic young reviteers.

That was the final evening of my short stay and provided a suitable climax.  The venue was Autodesk Singapore, who have offices at Fusionopolis, a fairly new office park location that I happened to have visited earlier that same day, because my son also works in the area.

This post is just a quick travelogue.  I will package up the talk I gave when I get a chance, and also probably post at more length about Singapore, but I wanted to get something out quickly.  I had arrived on friday afternoon and that night, Tom took me down to see the “supertrees”.  We had a drink at the top of one of these which gave a splendid view of Marina Bay Sands and the city beyond.

The supertrees themselves have all kinds of pseudobiological functions as well as performing light shows.  They sit…

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