Connecting Dynamo to the Internet of Things

We have our annual, internal Technical Summit coming up in a couple of weeks. I’ll be heading across to Montreal with 700+ other Autodesk employees to learn more about the cool stuff going on within the company. As I’ve done in previous years, I’ll do my best to report information that I think will be interesting to this blog’s readers (and that is ready to be discussed publicly, of course).

One of the event’s activities is being hosted by my team: the IoT Hackday. We’ll have 30+ participants spread across 8 different teams. Each team will get provided some sensors, some LEDs, a Raspberry Pi 3 and the access credentials to connect to the back-end IoT data service Autodesk Research is building. They’ll use these ingredients to cook up interesting IoT-related projects that use our back-end data service.

As part of this effort, I was asked to put together a custom Dynamo node that allows you to query the service for the latest reading from a particular sensor.


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