Demonstration of Revit Connections available in Revit 2017

This Revit video speaks on connection of steel structures, an exclusive feature of Revit 2017.

Steel Connections for Revit is a structural connection add-in as well as an API-supported user interface that allows to observe comprehensive structural connector geometry and to adjust extra parameters in the Revit modeling environment.

The users can apply the connection tool to include a structural connection to various elements in their structural model.

To use this, go to structural tab, then select connection panel and finally connection. If structural connection add-ins are not set up, only the symbolic generic connection is accessible. Exact Revit add-ins should be set up to open models with add-in structural connections. If not, the connection will be visible but becomes uneditable. While unloading an add-in structural connection from the Structural Connection Settings dialog, any illustration of that connection will be removed from the model.

The objective of Revit structural

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