Global Parameters in Revit 2017

Global Parameters were introduced in Revit v2016 R2, and then improved in v2017.  The whole concept of parameters in Revit can be very confusing because there are so many different kinds of them – and they inter-relate in a complex matrix or rules and exceptions (welcome to Revit!).  That is a topic for another post, as I am currently working on a detailed analysis of all those exceptions.

Global Parameters:

The Revit Help File states:

Global parameters bring the power of parametric families into the project environment.  You can create global parameters that are specific to a single project file but that are not assigned to categories. Use global parameters to drive the value of a dimension or a constraint, associate to an element instance property to drive its value, or report the value of a dimension, so the value can be used in the equations of other global parameters.

Global Parameters (GPs) can be applied in a similar way…

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