How BIM is evaluated with various BIM Levels

There is technological evolution in construction industry. The construction industry is embraced with numerous technologies. Amid these technologies, BIM is considered as the game-changer.


With BIM it becomes easier to develop a digital prototype of a building. This feature enhances the flow of data during the progression of the building and as a result utmost productivities can be achieved.

After its emergence, BIM has undergone several changes which range from level 0 to level 3 (the most updated one). BIM has become more superior, more rationalized and more powerful in the past couple of years. Given below the brief description of BIM Levels.

Level 0 – Unmanaged CAD in 2D involving paper (or electronic paper) data exchange.

Level 1 – Managed CAD in 2D or 3D format through a collaborative tool that produces a common data environment together with a interchangeable approach to data structure and format. Commercial data is controlled with autonomous finance and cost…

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