More Revit 2017 Install Mess

Further to my post on Installation of Revit 2017, I have found more junk in another different location:
In the Public Folders is a new Autodesk folder, with MEP fabrication ‘stuff’

  • I just don’t want this stuff installed at all.  
  • And even if I did want it, I would want it in the ProgramData folder along with the rest of the content.
  • And if it went to the right location I would want either metric or Imperial, not both!

I wonder where else I will find more surprises on my computer?

NB.  This install was for “Revit 2017”, not for Building Design Suite – so I have no idea if the BDS install has similar problems.

[Edit] I just found more:

Foreign Project Templates

Oh, and here is another 40Mb of stuff I don’t want (unless I get a
project in Europe or Asia) – in a new ‘Generic’ folder under Project

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