No Space Name Utility? No Worries!

Sitting in Dan Stine’s lab at RTC AU 2016 and in true to RTC form, a piece of software he wanted to show wasn’t installed. In this instance, it was the Space Name Utility, a subscription centre app that not everyone would have access to.

We were however using Revit 2017 which comes with Dynamo pre-installed, but why does this matter? Because you could build your own space name utility in less than a minute.

When Revit MEP spaces are created, the room data is already mapped to the space, but it’s not associated with the space parameters. All you need to do in dynamo is to get the value of the Room Name parameter and set that same value as the Name parameter and the Room Number to the Number parameter.


It couldn’t get any simpler with Dynamo really and it’s actually a really good exercise for those new to Dynamo who are wanting to figure out how it all works….

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