Quick Spin Sessions for InfraWorks 360

Let me tell you about a new old way to work with InfraWorks 360.

(This article is posted on behalf of James Wedding, Autodesk Customer Solution Specialist)

This week, I visited the Autodesk offices in Boston and Manchester to meet with my team. The Boston office in the drydock area is brand new, so new that there are maps in the reception area. Yes, paper maps, so that you can find the conference rooms, the coffee bar, the coat closet. All the things you know are in there somewhere, but you still need a little guidance to make your first few visits go smoother. My teammate and I laughed a bit at the idea of a paper map (I mean, come on, this is Autodesk! Paper? How pedestrian!) but we quickly remembered all the greatness of just being able to fold it up, stick it in your pocket and go. To be honest, I really liked finding the robotic espresso machine without bothering my colleagues.


The view from the new Autodesk Boston Office.

So, why a long story about paper maps? Cause…

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