Reinforcement Connectors in Revit 2017 are useful for reinforcement modeling & documentation

Autodesk Building Solution presents this useful Revit video that focuses on one of the new features called Reinforcement Connectors in Revit 2017. Reinforcement Connectors are family-based and completely adaptable.

They can advance the level of detail for reinforcement modeling and documentation Every team member will be able to apply these connectors as per their requirements. Rebar Connectors correlate with the rebar that they connect with. This feature can allow change management.

Structural engineers apply schematic connectors to explain requirements. Detailers can generate shop drawings with them. Manufacturers can access complete detail, accurately modeling and demonstrating reinforcement connectors to produce guidelines for installation.

Include the connectors to groups, assemblies, and partitions with distinctive coupler numbering, and export them to diverse formats.

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