Revit 2017 Install Take 2 – Using Physical Media

After my first attempts to install Revit 2017, I have just tried again, as my regular laptop came back from being repaired.  This time I used physical media to do the install, as I found it to be so painful to download/install from the Autodesk website:

Ordering Physical Media

The biggest obstacle to overcome is your willingness to pay the new ‘Nominal Fee’ (Aus$40) for something that was previously part of your annual subscription – so we now have to pay for something that we’ve already paid for!  What a cheek!  Autodesk have made some lame excuse about most people preferring the convenience of downloading the software – well that might be true if you could just download it and keep the install files locally and reuse them.  But you cannot – I tried it!
I copied the (download) unpacked install files from the C:Autodesk folder on my old computer and put them in exactly the same location (with the same two folder names) on my repaired laptop.  Then I tried to run setup from…

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