Revit Groups & Curtain wall systems

Last week I did a presentation to the 505 BIM Users Group where I talked about using groups, and grouping Curtain walls was one of the subjects. (More blog entries from this presentation might be coming your way.)
Why would you make a group out of a Revit Curtain wall?
Documentation and repeat ability/consistency are the key reasons why I would group curtain walls. I have gotten to a point again where I hate using Revit windows and nine times out of ten I’d rather use Revit curtain walls for my windows. One reason I’ve started to stop using Revit windows is how they cut in plan. I’ve been getting windows lately that do not cut in plan correctly while the curtain walls do. Another reason is that I’ve been doing projects where I rarely have the same window in more than one to three locations so again the flexibility to adjust the mullion spacing is much easier in a curtain wall then in a window family(unless you take the time to program all the variables and designers don’t have the…

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