Revit Structural Connections 2017 – Steel Connections

After finally installing Revit 2017 I was really eager to check out the new Revit Structural Connections 2017 feature. I immediately modeled some Steel Beams, found the Structural Connections button, only to find the generic connection is the only one I could use! I tried hunting around for some connection families to load, but alas I found nothing. Then after a little research I realized I needed to download the Autodesk® Steel Connections for Revit® add in from my subscription Account. (facepalm!)

So if you are having trouble like I was, you need to download the extension by either:

a) Opening the Autodesk Desktop App and finding Autodesk® Steel Connections for Revit and hitting download:

revit structural connections 2017

or b) Sign in to your Subscription Account, click on Products>Your Revit product> and click on Enhancements where you can then download the Steel Connections for Revit add on

You then need to click or double-click the file to start the installation process and follow the…

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