Revit Viewer and Worksharing

Reading a thread at Autodesk’s Revit Community forum David reminded me of the quirky issues related to the Viewer when worksharing is being used. If someone launches Revit Viewer and then tries to open a project that has enabled worksets they’ll get this warning.

When the file is opened and they try to print, export or save they’ll get this warning even though they haven’t DONE anything…but Revit has made changes to the file in order to create a new local file.

Okay, let’s follow the instructions in the first warning message. We’ll open the project using Detach from Central. Sorry, “Do not pass Go, do not collect $200“. That process also changes the file. Still no export, save or print for you!

The ONLY way we can use Revit Viewer to open a project with Worksets enabled is to open the Central File itself, by un-checking the option to Create New Local. This means that user is now…

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