The AutoCAD Answer Day is starting

Answer Day


As mentioned, last week, I’m going to be hanging out in the AutoCAD .NET forum for the next few hours. I’ll try to do a little live blogging here… so check back often. And remember to join me in the Google Hangout!

15:10 CEST / 6:10 PDT

Sitting here with at Autodesk Neuchatel with Celine and Camilo (aka ^CEL and ^CAM from AutodeskHelp), waiting for the questions to come in.

Autodesk Answerers

16:50 CEST / 7:50 PDT

Well, the Hangout was interesting. On the one hand, I didn’t realise you had to enable Q&A before launching the “Hangout On Air”, but on the other hand, noone else joined so it didn’t really matter. Silver linings and all that. I stayed in the call for 15 minutes before I managed to terminate it (with a view to relaunching with Q&A enabled, which turned out not to be possible).

The recording is on YouTube, but as it’s basically of me talking to myself and looking confused, I’ve made it private. It’s funny enough, just not very useful.

Hopefully I’ll work…

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