Transform your roof design process next level with Home Designer 2017

This construction video will introduce you to the manual roof building tools inside Home Designer Professional. The video covers how to draw roof and ceiling planes by hand as well as design different types of roof styles together with a Dutch Gable, a Clerestory and create dormers by hand.

The video will also focus on various roof framing options included in Home Designer Professional.

Home Designer 2017 offers the following features :-

• Useful for home design, remodeling, interior design, kitchens and baths, decks and landscaping, and cost estimation.

• Experience the power of virtual design and apply 3D views to obtain an exact look before the development of actual work in reality.

• Create design in 2D and 3D or both concurrently with in-built style templates and more than 6,000 library items.

• Contains native design and smart building tools ideal for your home projects; robust deck and patio tools as well as Plant Chooser having 1,500+ plant options.

The most…

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