10 years of Through the Interface

Last week this blog sailed through the 10th anniversary of its first post. I can’t believe how time has flown… posting 3 times a week for a decade has resulted in 1,448 posts, accumulating more than 6.2 million pageviews. I suppose when something’s so much fun you don’t really see time passing.

Visually, the blog has changed a few times, over the years…

Through the Interface - circa 2006

Through the Interface - circa 2008

Through the Interface - today

(There’s a 4th theme that is still in the works, but I’ve hit a bit of a wall with the content transfer… I’ve noticed that backslashes have been filtered from the various code samples. I need to fix that before it goes any further, clearly.)

The blog has also evolved in terms of content, as my own role at Autodesk has changed. When I started blogging I was working in the Autodesk Developer Network team, and later moved to the AutoCAD engineering team. “Through the Interface” started as a way for me to engage with the developer community but also to help people get to grips with AutoCAD’s (then still…

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