Are you having problems with Revit 2017 Deployment and the Custom.ini file?

This one comes via email from Brad Strauss.
Here’s one for you. I had issues getting the deployments for Revit 2017 to honour the custom ini file which drove me nuts and costed time creating/ testing and redeploying many times over. What you need to do is:

1. In Windows Explorer, browse to the location of your BDS 2017 install media.

2. Use Notepad to open the Setup.ini file that resides alongside the main Setup.exe file.

3. Locate the section titled [ProductSelectionDlg2] and add the following four lines between the UI_Source= and BACKGROUND_IMAGE= lines:

4. Save the changes made to Setup.ini and exit Notepad.

5. Launch the BDS 2017 installer from the main Setup.exe file.

Credit to Tony Michniewicz
Autodesk Employee
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