Arrived in SF for the Forge DevCon

It was a great weekend of football at Autodesk’s annual tournament – this time nicely closely to home in Zurich. The Neuchâtel team did really well in the group round, as in recent years: we came top of Group C, which turned out to be the “group of death” – two teams we beat went on to finish 1st (England) and 3rd (VP Staff). Our goalkeeper – and our rock-solid defence – didn’t concede a single goal during any of the matches, until we ended up being knocked out by Barcelona on penalties in the quarter-finals.

So it goes – in any case it was a superb day of football and really fun catching up with old friends and their families. Check these items from my twitter feed for some photos and results.

Here’s the Neuchâtel team photo:

The Neuchatel team

To give you a sense of how seriously we took the preparation for this tournament, here’s a picture from last week’s training.

Being the ball

What can I say? Someone told me to “be the ball”. 🙂

With the football fun done with, I flew…

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