Autodesk Research and IoT

One of the projects I’ve been working on – alongside Simon Breslav, a colleague from Autodesk Research Toronto – is a prototype, web-based client for our IoT back-end. I’ll be demoing it next week at the Forge DevCon. It uses Forge’s viewer component to provide access to sensor readings from within a 3D model.

Here are a few sequences of images to give you an idea of what it does. It’s still early days, but we’re steadily working towards feature parity with the desktop-based Project Dasher.

The first sequence shows how you can view the sensors in a building model: in our case it’s the 210 King Street office of Autodesk Toronto. You can hover over the sensor markers to see their IDs and types, and then select the ones you’re interested in, showing the historical data in separate or combined graphs.

Dasher 360 basic

The second sequence shows us disabling textures – we’re definitely going to need this once we implement surface shading to display sensor data graphically –…

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