Combining the Power of ITO with a Model Comparison Check

From the Solibri blog.

In addition to using the Model Comparison Ruleset to compare model versions, this article defines the steps to create an Information Takeoff (ITO) that displays the changes in Quantities in the ITO table format. This allows for easy review of any changes in the model quantities, in real-time.

A model recreating the screenshots and model conditions in this article is available here: SMC Building – ITO Model Comparision.smc

For tutorial information about using the ITO tool, please see our previous article on the topic:  Understanding Information Takeoff (ITO)

In Solibri Model Checker, with two different IFC versions of the same model loaded, create an ITO sorting the model by Components. ITO sorts elements within the model by the values of their properties of the left most columns.

Now, create an ITO column for the “Model” property of the “Identification” column type and ensure that “Grouping” is checked.  By doing this, ITO will create an…

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