FixtureBuilder – The newest 3d modeling program for CAD professionals

Renishaw introduced FixtureBuilder for 3d modeling professionals. It is a 3d modeling package to facilitate the formation and documentation of fixturing set-ups.

The software is applied with a CAD model of the examined part that can be imported into FixtureBuilder, so as to the fixture is developed around it. The complete set-up, together with the examined part, will be exported into inspection programming software.

FixtureBuilder is capable of importing and exporting most common 3D CAD files (Parasolid, Step, ACIS, STL, IGES, etc.). There is a supplementary translator module for CATIA, ProE, UGNX, Solidworks and Inventor accessible for purchase.

With it, the users will be able to generate custom fixturing set-ups and components, like custom plates, and preserve them in user-defined libraries for being used later on and reference.

There is a ‘Build it’ function in the software that can automatically generate a comprehensive Bill of Materials and work instructions for each fixture…

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